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You’ve Got Questions - I’ve Got Answers


Will my insurance cover the visit?

Group health insurance (extended health) benefits, which are paid by private health insurance companies, often include the services provided by Osteopathic Manual Practitioners and Massage Therapists.  Please contact your benefits administrator for information about your group plan, benefits and limitations with respect to coverage.  We provide receipts for either Osteopathic Manual Therapy or Massage Therapy depending on the service.

How long is a treatment?

The most common treatment duration is 60 minutes but 30 minute treatments are available.

How many treatments before I start to feel better?

Many patients start to notice improvements after the first visit. However, the complexity of your condition and your overall health will determine the number of treatments you will need.

How much do treatments cost?

Treatments are 60 minutes in length and cost $100 (tax included).  

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